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Physician Detection of Clinical Harm in Machine Translation: Quality Estimation Aids in Reliance and Backtranslation Identifies Critical Errors
Nikita Mehandru, Sweta Agrawal, Yimin Xiao, Elaine C Khoong, Ge Gao, Marine Carpuat, Niloufar Salehi
EMNLP 2023 🏆 Outstanding Paper Award [paper]

More than ESL: Exploring Cultural Collaboration Opportunities with International Students
Connie Siebold, Yimin Xiao
ALISE 2023

Will You Talk about God with a Spirituality Chatbot? An Interview Study
Charis Asante-Agyei, Yimin Xiao, Lu Xiao
HICSS 2022 [paper]

Effects of Anonymity on Comment Persuasiveness in Wikipedia Articles for Deletion Discussions
Yimin Xiao, Lu Xiao
NLP+CSS Workshop at EMNLP 2020 [paper]

TV-AfD: An Imperative-Annotated Corpus from The Big Bang Theory and Wikipedia’s Articles for Deletion Discussions
Yimin Xiao*, Zong-Ying Slaton*, Lu Xiao
LREC 2020 [paper]