I enjoy artistic elements in life, either from nature or creation, be it language, visual, textile, music, or food. I used to think that I am not an artistic person until I realized that art doesn’t have to be masterpieces. It is often times mundane, like a beam of sunlight landing on my wall through the leaves dancing in a Spring breeze, the aroma of chili slowly cooking in a crockpot on a snowy afternoon, or an old photo that reminds me of nostalgic past.

I am drawn to artistic things in everyday life. I like reading, fictions or memoirs that beautifully narrate stories of life. I like houses, structures and spaces that both contain and create possibilities for life. I like walking in the nature and occasionally in the city, where birds sing, water flows, and people talk. I like film and TV shows that introduce me to characters in alternative universes. I like music that invites interpretations and imagination. I like museums that curate art pieces into stories.

Sometimes I create art too, channeling the beauty I experience in the external world to the intimate feelings arising in my body and mind. I journal, write, sketch, collage, photograph, and design my own photobooks, to hold on to my lived memories. I cook, often to satisfy my homesickness being so away from the food I grew up with. I knit and crochet, to decorate my life and space with colors and shapes. I play the piano, to feel music flowing through my fingers. I feel alive with art.

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