I love sunsets, the sky, clouds, a walk along the water, cities, maps, and architecture. I enjoy reading fiction, travel writings, memoirs, essays, thrillers, and non-fiction, to feel the power and tenderness of language and the dimensions of life and humanity. I visit museums, to explore stories of local people, culture, history, and art and observe how museums curate exhibitions to construct these narratives. And of course, I am always interested in observing language practices and phenomena in my daily life, and that's where many of my research inspirations come from.

I was born in Ganzhou, China, and grew up immersed in the Hakka culture. I am a native Mandarin speaker and fluent in English. I can also understand (and speak a little bit) Hakka and Ganzhou dialects of Chinese. I lived in Shanghai, Wilmington, NC, and Syracuse, NY before moving to Hyattsville, MD, where I am currently located.

I am an (amateur) photographer. I take photos (some on this website and some on Instagram) to record precious moments and elements of my life, along with the friendships, memories, and inspirations that have arisen from there. And this page, too, is dedicated to all of them.